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Explore the USS LST-325

August 15, 2018
Category: Henderson, KY Attractions

Henderson, Kentucky is a quaint city located along the Ohio River that is filled with historical promise. Being located on the border of Indiana, this city shares close ties to the city next to it, Evansville, and oftentimes one will find that the history of either place is reliant on the other. In the case of the USS LST-325, this may be the case. All those who share an interest in learning about this navy ship will find that a tour of this vessel may make your vacation to Henderson unforgettable.

About the USS LST-325
The USS LST-325 was a navy vessel designed to transport active tanks ashore in enemy territory. This vessel, and those like it, were also known for carrying soldiers and supplies into battle. The USS LST-325 was best known for its interaction in WW2, and its later activities during the 1950’s concerning the Greek Navy. It was apparent that this specific vessel once served for the Greek Navy before returning back to the United States.

Today the USS LST-325 is on the National Register of Historic Places, and this memorial conveys a whole history of information about World War 2 and the Greek Navy that cannot be found anywhere else. An interesting fact about this specific war vessel is that a crew member, James Bronson, was present for nearly the entirety of the ship’s activity. James Bronson’s son, Dave Bronson, was the man who rewrote the entire history of the vessel and even published a book concerning the story of the USS LST-325, which can be purchased in the gift shop in the ship. It was Dave Bronson who made it possible to learn more about the ship through touring and the website, making the vessel an important part of social history to those within Evansville and Henderson.

Tours of the USS LST-325 are offered to all interested in visiting the ship. The ship is still in working condition and is currently being cared for by volunteers in the Henderson and Evansville communities. The vessel still makes trips via the Ohio River for holiday events, making this an excellent attraction to visit for those interested in these types of events.  

Located near White City in Indiana, along the Ohio River, more information on how to book a tour on the USS LST-325 can be found here. Also located within the general vicinity of this attraction in the Economy Inn and Suites Henderson, which is an inn that is known for offering impressive guest amenities and friendly staffing.

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